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Critical Facilities / Data Center Design - Peer Review Service

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Your Knowledge Source in Critical Facilities and Data Center Design

Validate Your Critical Facilities and Data Center Design

We understand you have been working with an experienced project engineers and architect to complete the construction documents and engineering specifications for your new mission-critical facilities / data centers. Special consideration has been placed in the development of these documents to ensure a successful construction phase.

Since your mission-critical facilities are complex and fundamentally different from other types of construction projects (with own set of standards, requirements, etc.), one tool to assist making informed judgement is the Design Stage Peer Review - an important and often overlooked validation of the design before construction commences.

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Our Peer Review is an independent technical analysis of the design drawings and specifications conducted to identify potential deficiencies, at the design stage or bidding stage, where error on paper are simple to rectify correct.

  • Consult with our professional team with Chartered Engineer (CEng) status who have more than 20 years experience in critical facilities design, data center projects and building services engineering
  • Ensure that your design & build project documents and engineering specifications fulfill your ultimate needs and requirements
  • Discover all potential single points of failure and cost and efficiency improvements

Further to the Data Center & Critical Facilities Design Courses, our professional team can help you to confirm the important items such as power, cooling, loads / capacities, redundancies and safety have been properly and optimally engineered.

Comprehensive Peer Review

Our professional team will evaluate the following

  • Scope Documents
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Design Assumptions
  • Tier Level Requirements
  • Client-specific project needs
  • Construction Documents to-date

AND double-check all engineering and design categories of your data center project so you can make any necessary adjustments prior to construction

  • Civil, Structural and Architectural
  • Floor Plan
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Plumbing and Cooling
  • Physcial Security
  • Telecom Entrance
  • Resilience Level
  • Operational Efficiency

Peer Review Findings and Return

After your review is completed, our professional team will present you with a detailed findings, including

  • Items of concern & improvement
  • Rationale for questioning the original design / infrastructure items
  • Potential capital and operating cost savings

For additional information, project references, previous scope of services, etc., please contact our team by

Phone: (852) 2117 3893
Fax: (852) 2184 9978
E-mail: info @

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